Three Wacky Holidays You Should Celebrate With a Custom Tee!

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Cheap custom tee shirts are an awesome way to celebrate any occasion — birthdays, reunions, fundraisers — but why only order customized shirts for the occasions you’d expect to make them for? Why not have some fun and make custom tees to celebrate the weirder holidays that are out there?

Here are a few wacky days coming up in January that could be made all the better with some awesome custom tees!

January Fourth Is Trivia Day.

Trivia Day is the best opportunity to share those little tidbits of knowledge that will make people cock their heads to the side and go, “huh!” Whether you’re a Trivial Pursuit Grand Master or just someone who knows a lot about a certain topic, why not make custom tees with your favorite little trivia questions on it and see if anyone else knows as much as you do!

January Twelfth Is Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day.

If you’re a Fabulous Wild Man, January twelfth is your day to celebrate and feast! If you’re not a fabulous wild man, you can still celebrate anyways by doing whatever it is that fabulous wild men do. You could also make custom tees with your own favorite, fabulous wild men, like Ernest Hemingway, to really get into the holiday spirit.

January Twenty-Third Is National Pie Day.

Some time ago, the American Pie Council decided to establish January 23 as National Pie Day. It’s a special time for everyone to bake his or her favorite pie, and try out a few new recipes. Instead of just enjoying the day in true culinary tradition, why not make some custom tees designed to get nice and dirty, so you won’t have to worry about being clean as you eat pie?

Who said custom tees were only meant to be made on group occasions, for promotional events, or for work place uniforms? They’re an awesome way to celebrate any occasion — even these three wacky holidays.

If you have a good idea for a shirt celebrating any of these days, feel free to share in the comments. More on this topic. Refernce materials.

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