History of Lingerie

Sexy fairytale costumes

Lingerie has been popular for centuries and has evolved to include every day wear and sexy character costumes for special occasions. Americans spend millions of dollars on lingerie every year, from push up corsets to strapless bustiers to simple bras with underwire.

Undergarments originally were intended to be more functional than seductive. A skirt and petticoat combination was popular for centuries and made from modest materials with conservative stylings. By the early 1900s the petticoats that peeked underneath dresses became more flirtatious in color and material. As skirts became less full and hemlines less long, camiknckers became a popular camisole and knicker one piece combination to wear under the daringly shorter dresses and skirts. Towards the 1950’s the hourglass figure was made popular by Marilyn Monroe, requiring fuller tulle skirts and rigid corsets to be the fashion. Into the seventies, many women favored a braless look, allowing what is known as soft lingerie to come into fashion with thin materials and minimal coverage. The 1980’s brought Madonna, and with her penchant for lace corsets and structured bras the designs of past became in vogue yet again. Modern day lingerie includes a wide variety of options inspired by the past and many risque pieces that are unique to this century.

One of the most popular occasions to wear lingerie is Halloween with sexy character costumes becoming the norm for the holiday. Sexy fairytale costumes are a big hit every year, along with other notoriously sexy characters such as Betty Boop. Many sexy character costumes combine lace corsets and bustiers with skirts for a flirty look. Every costume is completed with stiletto platform pumps or high heels and a garter. Create your own sexy costumes with your favorite pieces and accessories for costume parties or just for personal fun! Get more info here.

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