What Do Selfies, T Shirts, And Marketing Have In Common?

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It happens to all of us. That moment when we want to take the perfect selfie to post to our favorite social media platform, but we’re not wearing the right outfit. Not to worry. A London based up-and-coming designer has created just the thing for tech-savvy narcissists to help them keep their selfie-game on point.

Earlier this week, the 25 year old designer, who graduated from a renowned art and design college just two years ago, launched his line of selfie-friendly custom designed tee shirts.
The custom print tees are unisex range of limited edition, quality printed t shirts whose graphics and prints are cleverly focused around the neck and chest area.

When a selfie is taken, the concentration is on the face and neck area, making these t shirts ideal for taking the perfect selfie. With everything being in the right place, selfies taken by social media aficionados wearing these t shirts are bound to attract attention.

The young designer admits that he is personally not a fan of taking selfies, but understand that selfies have become somewhat of phenomenon. He’s onto something though, as this has the potential to become an ingenious marketing plan that businesses can learn from.

T shirts are as American as apple pie, and a recent study revealed that nearly 95% of Americans wear t shirts. In fact, most American own at least one t shirt that they absolutely refuse to get rid of due to sentimental value.

Businesses can take advantage of this by incorporating t shirt printing services into their overall marketing strategy, in order to better attract and retain their target audience. The promotional products industry is booming, and businesses look for new ways to build brand recognition and loyalty.

Compressed tees have become an increasingly popular trend. What are compressed tees exactly? First, an engaging, custom design is printed on a t shirt. From there, it’s compressed and shrink wrapped with a full color insert into a shape, such as a heart or guitar for example, based on the clients specific needs.

Compressed tees are an excellent marketing tool that literally transforms into a walking billboard. They are also versatile and can be used for a variety purposes, from raising awareness for a cause or celebrating the launch of a new website.

Though many people consider the Golden Age of advertising to be long gone, the present begs to differ. Now is the most exciting and dynamic time in the advertising and marketing industries because of all the resources available to companies. The only question is, are you ready to see how compressed tees can launch your brand? Read more like this.

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