Employees Share Real-Life, Team-Building Nightmares

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A growing number of employers are using team-building activities to forge better employee relationships and improve workplace productivity. It may not be time for custom tee shirt printing yet, however. Before ordering custom work shirts to commemorate the team-building event, make sure it is well thought-out and likely to be a success (and, more importantly, not a nightmare!). Learn from these team-building activities that went horribly wrong.

Yes, “Naked Relationships” Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

In Japan, bathing nude in natural springs with friends — and even family — is not necessarily out of the ordinary. That does not, however, make bathing in the nude with your boss okay. The team-building activity “naked relationships” asks employees and employers to do just that. Apparently, the exercise builds trust and honesty. Even if it only happens between same-sex workers, it’s pretty safe to assume that this is somewhat of a nightmare.

Employee Slam Books: Achieving The Very Opposite Of Progress

Some bosses just don’t think things through — and then, like anyone else, they pay the consequences. Some managers found out the hard way that it is not a good idea to ask your employees to criticize each other. What started out as an activity meant to “gently” point out coworkers areas of improvement got nasty, and fast. “We went from simply not being able to work together to actively disliking each other in about 30 minutes,” one employee says.

Are Your Employees Too Old For Summer Camp Activities?

This should pretty much go without saying, but the answer to that question is 100% and definitely yes. Too many employers think it’s “cute” to do activities like trust falls when, in actuality, it can be humiliating, demeaning, and do very little to establish any kind of deeper relationship.

Are team-building activities and custom tee shirt printing on your to-do list? You may want to hold off a bit and think things through in detail to make sure the activities are truly a rewarding experience for everyone.

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