Printable Vinyl is Part of the Fabric of American Childhood

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Did you know that in 1913 the very first PVC patent was issued in response to Friedrich Klatte inventing a novel method of using sunlight for polymerization of vinyl chloride? Initially, the two original vinyl products that went into production were golf balls and shoe heels! If you are interested in printable vinyl, vinyl coated fabric, laminate fabric, or vinyl sign material, this is the kind of esoteric trivia you most likely are fascinated by. Vinyl fabrics have revolutionized textiles over the last century, and will continue to do so! Today, banners, floor mats, shower curtains, wiring and floor tiles are all made of printable vinyl.

If you were amongst the many kids who loved playing with Colorforms, one of the most popular toys of the twentieth century, then you are well acquainted with printable vinyl because that is what Colorforms are made of. As well, printable vinyl is used to make athletics related gear such as gym mats, wall pads, athletic dummies, pole vault and jump pits, and childhood development shapes. It would be nearly impossible to go through your entire childhood without using items made of printable vinyl as the substance is almost ubiquitous! See this link for more references.

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