From the Forest to Fashion

Camo truck accessories

While camouflage, or camo, was created as combat clothing that mimicked differing terrain like woods, forests, snow and desert, it is now used for everything from camo baby bedding, camo purses, camo seat covers and many things in between. If you can imagine it, you can probably find it. And you can probably find it in pink camouflage.

The 1919 “dazzle ball” by the Chelsea Arts Club featured dazzle patterned black and white clothing in a dressy setting. This is just one of many times where something as crazy sounding as pink camouflage would not be a fashion no no. Face it, the protective coloring that an animal uses to hide has become a fashion option for practically anyone. Did you decide that you do not like traditional camouflage? Then find another option like neon camo or pink camouflage.

The patterns are just as varied as the color options like pink camouflage or bright blue camo, for example some camouflage takes it cue from the light shining through a forest as in the markings you see on a giraffe. Regardless of the pattern, it is this protective coloring that helps an animal hide or warn others away. While pink camouflage would not provide the same effect, it has a unique look for its fans. It has evolved from such applications as the tan and brown camo that was created during the 1962 Arab Israeli fighting and that really came into use in Gulf War. Regardless of your preferences of camouflage, it can provide a welcome accent to clothing, furnishings and accessories. To learn more, read this.

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