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Ah, plumbing. We rarely think about it or its origins. The word plumbing itself comes from the Latin term plumbum, meaning lead, as the first pipes were made of lead. Later the word sewer came from the French word meaning to drain. This demonstrates just how long humans have dealt with plumbing. But sewer and drain services have come a long way since then! Who would have thought sewer and drain service could be so exciting!? Archeologists found parts of water plumbing systems dating back to 2500 B.C.E. in Egypt. Now, 4500 years later, more than a billion feet of copper made plumbing tube is installed every year in U.S. buildings.

We need to diligently maintain all these pottys, johns, crappers or whatever eloquent term your house uses for them. No, Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet as was rumored. He did work for the guy who first patented the flush system however. Anyhow, moving on… We all need to be concerned with our sewer and drain service.

Sewer line replacement should happen swiftly when needed. Plumber services also need to be immediate when needed. No one should mess around with icky poopies. In regard to plumbing san diego is really on top of things. When I was visiting there last year, my auntie bragged that she had the best plumber san diego had to offer. That is great and all. But I was surprised just how proud she in fact was. Sewer and drain service needs to be taken seriously. Sewer and drain service needs to be handled regularly. Sewer and drain service just keeps the nice clean earth going around.

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