Why Social Media Is a Valuable Political Platform

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Political communication encompasses not just written and spoken language concerning politics or a political campaign, but also such things as design, branding, visual representation and personal aesthetics. If you are considering pursuing a degree in political communication in a Latin American country, there is a ton of promise in the industry.

Recently, political communication courses have begun to shift from traditional cursos de politica to a more online based curriculum. In fact, as of November 2012, 12 percent of online adults said they get political news from Facebook, compared to only 6 percent in January 2012.

Social media is not necessarily just for como ganar votos, in fact when it comes to social media, political training and seminars can help turn “likes” and other online interactions into more measurable results (campaign donations, volunteers, voter numbers) etc.

If you are interested in how to como ganar votos, or want to weigh in on trending Latin American topics such as marketing politico en mexico, clases de politica, and branding politico then social media is an easy way to connect instantly.

According to information compiled by the Pew Research Center, social media users tend to be more liberal than conservative, at 79 to 63 percent respectively. However, this does not mean that liberal minded individuals should not be interacting on social media outlets, as all types of formación política are welcomed to join the dicussion.

If you are interested in political communication degrees, or just interested as a hobby, you may want to think about interacting via social media. Whether you want to know como ganar votos, or just what your favorite politician has to say,there is an outlet for everyone.

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