Ducttapemarketing or Widgetmarketing or is ther a Difference?

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Products are products. If you are a small business trying to break into the cutthroat world of duct tape sales or possibly widget production, wouldn’t you need a plan? No matter what you are selling, without understanding how to market a new product you may have very little success in todays market, saturated with, what it seems, hundreds of versions of the same product.

Selling any product,duct tape for example, a comprehensive plan, lets call it a ducttapemarketing plan, is necessary to clarify how you will go about achieving and measuring success of your ducttape marketing plan. Is there really such as thing as duct tape marketing or do some products like duct tape have a built in demand that eliminates the need for marketing? Gosh darn things, sell themselves. Well, this is most likely quite misguided. No matter the business or the product, in a competition based economic system, such as the system that businesses compete against each other to sell duct tape, the business that knows how to market a new product, in this case, ducttapemarketing, will reach to successful heights.

In order to sell a product effictively in our market, a business or companies name is just as important as the value of the product they sell and the methods they decide to use to sell it. Branding helps. Branding involves developing and maintaining a relevant relationship between the product or service being offered and the potential customer. Small business development should hinge on this concept. A giant in the business of selling duct tape with an immediately recognizable brand will focus its ducttapemarketing efforts on reminding people why their duct tape is far superior.

The modern concept of branding can be traced back to a 1931 memo drafted by a Proctor and Gamble advertising manager named Neil McElroy.Branding has existed for centuries in one form or another; for example, as early as 1266,English law required bakers to put a specific symbol on each product they sold.

Combining a thoughtful branding campaign with small business marketing strategies, such as ducttapemarketing that has meaning within the context of the branding campaign, you may just double your sales or get more sales and, become the next force in the cutthroat world of selling duct tape.

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