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Do you think that you know how to blog? There are probably many different ways to do it, so perhaps there is not really any set rules or guidelines on how to blog. If you do not know how to blog, I can give you an overall outline of how it works, but keep in mind I am no expert. The only thing I can claim to be is someone who has witnessed and been a part of the entire history of blogging. I was around when they begun, and when they started to really gain a lot of attention. The first step in how to blog might even be what to write about. If you have no idea what to write about, what is the point in blogging? You may want to start with a few subjects that you find interesting. That might be a good base to go from. Some people can get by writing rambling blogs that do not really have a subject, but most cannot. The next step in how to blog would be find a website to post your blog. This might be the challenging part, because there are so many different websites out there that host blogs. My only advice here is pick a website that looks good to you. Every website has a different feel to it, so you have to find one that is easy to use for you. The next step in how to blog is to literally start blogging. Write as often as you can, and about many different things. If you write about the same or similar topics, make sure that there are different themes or ideas so that they feel different. In my opinion, the last step in how to blog is to get some readers. What is the point of blogging if you do not have anyone reading it? I suppose if you find it fun to just write and have no one read it, no big deal. My advice on how to blog would be to start with family and friends, then try to branch out from there.

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