Are Claimants Allowed to Hire a Different Social Security Disability Attorney?

Q: Can a claimant fire a Social security disability attorney and hire a new one?

A: Yes, a claimant can hire a new Social Security disability attorney if he or she is dissatisfied with the current one. It is important for the claimant to first communicate his or her dissatisfaction to the current social security disabilty attorney. Most attorneys would want an opportunity to discuss issues with their clients and attempt to remedy the situation. An attorney might not even know his or her client is unhappy. If a claimant is uncomfortable speaking directly with his or her Social Security disability attorney, it would be helpful to speak with someone else in the firm. It is always much easier to transfer records and files within the same firm. There might be a better fit with another attorney in the same firm. Whether a claimant decides to hire an attorney inside or outside of the same firm, he or she should communicate with the disability examiner assigned to the claim. It is important to get a status check on the claim and keep the disability examiner in the loop so that no important deadlines are missed or needed information causes delays. It is not advisable to hire the current attorney before a new one is found. Once a claimant has hired a new Social Security disability attorney, he or she should inform the current attorney that his or her services are no longer needed. One of the first things the new Social Security disability attorney will do is contact the disability examiner assigned to the case. But again, it is important that the disability examiner is kept in the loop when a claimaint decides to hire a new attorney.

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