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Looking Good Means Feeling Good Why More Americans Are Caring About Their Nails And Hair

Written by admin on . Posted in Advanced microblading strokes, Eyebrow needling, Microshading eyebrows

First impressions are everything. People will spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars every year to look their best at all times. As an aesthetician you not only know this, but specialize in it.

Curved eyebrows as a perfect touch-up for the rest of the face, long lashes that bring out the eyes…it’s all in a day’s work! Whether you focus more on haircuts or want to branch out to other areas of beauty, it’s important to stay updated on what people are looking for. Social media moves at the speed of light and keeping up is a full-time job in of itself. Should you look into eyebrow enhancing products this year? Are you better off taking microblading classes?

Let’s take a look at some new trends, some old trends, and what you should be focusing on this year.

The History Of Beauty And How It Impacts The Modern Day

For as long as humans have

Using Microblading For Great Eyebrows

Written by admin on . Posted in Advance microblading, Advanced microblading courses, Advanced microblading strokes

Modern beauty and fashion for women covers many aspects of the body, clothes, and accessories, and one popular avenue for a crisp new look is touching up the eyebrows. Microblade shading and using eyebrow shading, or professional-grade microblade tools can give a woman a new look in her eyebrows. Beauty school may include courses for microblading eyebrows training, and salons may also offer microblading eyebrows training for those looking to learn the skill. For those unfamiliar with this beauty technique, just what is microblading? Where can classes be learned? What are the results of professional microblading?

The Eyebrows

On average, an adult person’s eyebrow has around 250 hairs, and they grow and die fast; they usually last about four months, instead of the three to seven years for hairs on the head. Caring for the eyebrows and other hair is very popular today; a poll conducted