How to Choose the Best Wood Flooring for Your Space

How to Choose the Best Wood Flooring for Your Space

In this video from Big Bob’s Flooring Outlet, Vinny Virga Jr. runs through the pros and cons of different exotic hardwood floors.

The Janka scale from the US forestry service ranks how hard and durable different hardwood floors are. Floors that are high on the Janka scale are more resistant to scratching and damage.

Brazilian cherry or Jatoba is high on the Janka scale, with a beautiful cherry color.

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It is naturally red but looks great in any color and is perfect for inset floors and mosaics.

Brazilian teak is even higher on the Janka scale than Brazilian cherry. Also called kumaru, it has a tan to red color with a very subtle grain.

Tigerwood isn’t as durable as Brazilian cherry or Brazilian teak, however, it is more durable than most wood floors and has a wide color variation that stands out.

Santos Mahogany darkens over time, rather than lightening due to sunlight. It has a Janka scale rating similar to Tigerwood.

Bamboo can have different Janka ratings depending on how it is treated. Bamboo is more water-resistant than other wood flooring but is still vulnerable to humidity.

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