Jewelry That Gives Back Helping The Community

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The artist behind this jewelry collection has arranged through purchases of her pieces to give back money to the community. More specifically, to charities such as the Native American Relief Fund. She had always searched for a way to contribute to her community. Through her talent as a jewelry artist, she has found that way. This extraordinary woman encourages all jewelers to follow her lead.

What Is the Native American Relief Fund?

It is a non-profit organization from which grants are utilized to support various tribal communities. The money goes towards bringing food, water, and an array of emergency supplies to different Native American communities and their respective families. This is especially needed during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. When you purchase pieces from this and other participating jewelers, this is where your money goes – to assist in these and similar charitable efforts.

What Is The Domino Effect?

In general, a Domino effect, also known as a chain reaction, is a single event that sets off a series of events that are similar in nature. Another name for this is a mechanical effect. It is described as an analogy that is likened to a row of falling dominoes. When one domino in a row falls, it typically results in the rest of the row falling. As it relates to this jewelry artist, the donation of profits from the sale of her pieces set off a chain of positive results occurring in the Native American communities she seeks to help.

Additional Results

Some additional results of this artist’s Domino Effect events were that other jewelers sought fit to do the same thing. That is, contribute proceeds from their sales to charities that were close to their hearts. So in effect, one good deed resulted in other similar good deeds being done. Now more communities are benefiting from the work of jewelers.

More About This Artist

Talented jeweler, Deborah Klezmer is the artist who has spearheaded this movement. She utilizes natural gemstones and precious metals to create these fine pieces of jewelry. The Native American Relief Fund is just one of the charitable organizations she helps. Ms. Klezmer hopes to be a pioneer amongst jewelers to use their talents to benefit their communities. After all, we are all part of a greater community. It is time more people took steps to help their fellow persons.

How Can You Help?

If you lack the means necessary to do what Deborah Klezmer is doing, there is still a way you can help. Purchase some of her incredibly beautiful pieces for yourself or as gifts for someone else. Not only will your gift be a cherished keepsake for them or yourself, but you will also be donating to charity. Especially in this time of the pandemic, we really need to help our communities in need. Look up Deborah Klezmer Designs on the Internet and make a purchase or two now.

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