Why People Love Danner East Ridge

History of Danner East Ridge

Danner East Ridge was originally Danner Shoe Mgf. Company—founded by Charles Danner in 1932 amid the Great Depression, in an old logging town located in Wisconsin, Chippewa Falls. The company was a small, comprised of twelve employees who made boots ready for all terrains as sustainability and cost were vital during the war. Danner’s boots were aimed towards U.S soldiers; the fabric and materials their combat boots quickly wore, leaving many troops highly susceptible to disease. Danner footwear set out to change this through creating durable patrol boots with at an affordable price, handcrafting boots from leather and other raw materials that were incredibly cheap at the time. After the war was over, Danner’s company had created a name for itself in the industry of footwear. Their patrol boots were highly sought after from law enforcement to outdoor-lovers. Hearing praise about their boots, Danner East Ridge began creating various styles of boots for strenuous professions—tactical boots, lightweight boots, hiking boots, patrol boots, and hunting boots to provide a design that’s both long-lasting and professional.

Why Danner East Ridge?

Danner East Ridge has grown considerably since its humble beginnings. The company also created boos for men and women, as well as a unisex clothing line for those looking to bring durability and style to their wardrobe, both at work and leisure. There are even gradually working their way into a professional accessory line for items, such as police handcuffs for sale, foxfury search lights, and eleven 10 gear. Danner has created a professional line of clothing, ranging from cool cop body armor, patrol boots, police handcuffs for purchase to a tactical police uniform and job shirts that ensure you’ll stand out from the rest. Statistics show hiking ranked as the fourth-most popular outdoor sport in the U.S at 44.9 million participants—Danner East Ridge allows you to stay cool while protecting yourself from the elements with its waterproof boots and vest cooler. However, safety is critical to any outdoor activities, with the primary types of high-visibility apparel being: off-road, roadway, and public safety. Luckily, Danner East Ridge has you covered with its knack for accessories as well, including foxfury headlamps, ogio cooler backpack, police handcuffs for sale and even medical carrying equipment.

The shoe industry is always changing, and so is the world—you need shoes and clothes that are versatile as your schedule with the durability to endure even the toughest situations. What accessory best fits your lifestyle? Take this short quiz to find out.

Combat Boots: By far the most stylish and resourceful boots around—a unusual look that ties past use to future designs and looks. Can be upbeat and chic, feisty and dark or serious and professional. They go together perfectly with a high-level profession, such as law enforcement paired with items like police handcuffs for sale. Combat boots can tie together a relaxed or edgy look—combat boots initial intent was designed to be worn in combat and combat training by soldiers. Today, combat boots are used still used in their primary field, but various types of combat boots have been designed for adaptability purposes to support lifestyle differences (i.e., grip, ankle stability, and foot protection for rocky terrain) These boots personify strength and agility in one’s life all while looking stylish, not to mention combat boots are extremely affordable and a great additional to any closet. If you want a pair of durable boots, look no further.

Brown Boots: Your average run-of-the-mill boot that provides a great look at an even greater price, the color is perfect for outdoor lovers and professional alike—no hassle with excessive cleaning. Danner footwear designs the best all-around brown boot for an appealing price that’s guaranteed to last through the toughest situations. These boots were traditionally associated with construction workers, but the designs of brown boots have significantly widened to create a market where brown boots have grown in popularity because of its redesigned look that makes them an excellent all-purpose boot.

Hiking Boots: Made for extremely rocky terrain—the daredevils, risk-takers, and adventurous spirits that can’t be contained. An affinity of nature—the world. Hiking boots are designed with a specialized look intended for those who are compelled to the outdoors and thrive there.

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