7 Factors to Consider When Buying the Right Sports Sunglasses

Some of the common ways of staying fit include swimming, sky diving, jogging, running, and cycling, among others. Any outdoor activity that makes you shed some sweat will play a vital role in enhancing your fitness levels. However, participating in an outdoor sporting between 10 AM and 3 PM, when the sun’s rays are strongest can damage your eyes.

You can easily get eye damage from dust particles, flying insects, and other hazards. Equipping yourself with a pair of safety sunglasses will keep you going and will enhance your performance. Here are some helpful tips that will guide you when buying sunglasses for sports.

1. Scratch-Resistance Lenses

When you are enjoying an outdoor activity, your sunglasses for sports are likely to fall on the ground and get scratched easily by rocks, dust particles, and other hard substances. You will not feel comfortable with scratched sunglasses and you might be forced to replace. However, you can easily get shatter resistant sunglasses that can withstand scratches. Most of the sunglasses for fishing are shatter resistant and will stay for a long period without replacement.

2. Frame Technology

Technology is an important aspect that you should put into consideration when you are buying sunglasses for golf. Besides offering wide coverage and helping you to see everything with optimum clarity, your safety glasses should incorporate some aesthetics as well. The frame used should be able to hold your lenses in place even when you are running or jumping up and down. You should also ensure that you have stylish sunglasses that are consistent with modern technology.

3. Coverage

Coverage is an important consideration when you are buying sunglasses for sports. You want sunglasses that are covering your entire eye and surrounding tissues to avoid damages from insects, sunlight, various debris, and wind. Sunglasses for boating should cover you against all the water currents that you are likely to experience in high seas. The coverage should be wide enough to cover your eyes and allow you to concentrate on your activity.

4. Polarized

If you are engaged in fishing sport, using polarized sunglasses for fishing will give you an edge over other sunglasses for sports in the stores. Most of the sunglasses don’t allow people to see through the eyes due to the glare that results from the reflection of sun rays by water. However, polarized sunglasses are not affected by this glare, and you will be able to see through water without struggling.

5. Color Enhancement

Color enhancement is an important consideration in sporting sunglasses. If you like color enhancement sunglasses, you have to get lenses that have appropriate colors that will not create much contrast in your environment. Most of the preferred color enhancement lenses are grey and tint sunglasses because they facilitate clarity in sunny and cloudy surroundings. You can as well get polarized sunglasses for sports that do not have any color enhancement.

6. Fit

One of the key features that people overlook when they are buying outdoor sunglasses is fit and flexibility. You have to buy sunglasses that will be comfortable throughout the sporting activity. You don’t want to remove your sunglasses some few minutes after you start running. You should try your sunglasses to make sure that they fit you and that they are lightweight.

7. Material

Some of the common materials that you will come across in the stores include Trivex, Glass, and Polycarbonate. Each material has its own merits and drawbacks, and it is important to have background information about each material before making the purchase decision. Polycarbonate shatter resistant sunglasses are safe and lightweight. Most of the people participating in sports use Polycarbonate because they are available in any store out there.

People think of their heads, hands, and chest when they are participating in sporting activity. However, you should also pay much attention to your eyes because they are very sensitive, and they could derail your participation. Simple sunglasses for sports will protect your eyes against dust and other foreign materials that can damage your eyes.

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