Travel Plans Are Quickly Ruined with Credit Card Theft

Black jumpsuit-$35
Pink jumpsuit-$40
Stripped jumpsuit-$30
Lulu lemon shorts-$50
Lululemon tank top-$50
Green tank top-$20
Athletic skirt-$20
Orange pants-$25
White AE tank top-$15
AE mom shorts-$50
Yellow AE crop top-$15
Yellow miss sombillo dress-$20
Old navy yellow dress-$15
Old navy pink dress-$15
Old navy black dress-$15
Swimsuit cover up-$15
One piece swimsuit-$40
4 bikinis-$140
Flip flops-$5
Brooks running shoes-$120
Chacos -$120
Navy tropics maxi dress-$30
Blue stripped tank top-$15
Yellow corduroy skirt-$20
Multi colored stripped midi dress-$50
Blue overall dress-$30
HANDMADE lemon dress-$65
Black with white crochet dress-$20
Three pairs of Nike shorts-$100
Chi hair straightener-$100
Bed head curling wand-$15
Khaki cardigan-$15
Green cardigan-$10
Oatmeal cardigan-$20
Stripped flowy pants-$25
White Lilly Pulitzer shirt-$35
Purple one piece-$25
Luck brand jean jacket-$25
Hair products-$45
Pillow thoughts book-$20
Denim dress-$30
White scarf-$11
Grey t shirt dress-$25
The list of items in the suitcase was long. Ranging from the sale swimsuit cover ups to the more expensive pieces of footwear, in fact, the total was close to $1300. And while making the list was time intensive, the fact of the matter is if you wanted a chance of recovering the money from the items that were lost in that one suitcase you needed to follow the directions on the airline’s website. You even, in fact, had to list the year of the clothing items. Fortunately, for any of the newest pieces that you had purchased while you were on the trip, you were able to rely on the receipts that you had kept in the carbon fiber wallet that you traveled with. That carbon fiber wallet, in fact, was the one thing that you bought for the trip that you still had. The clothing items you had purchased are gone, and after seven days the airline was showing little hope of finding the dresses, the skirts, the shorts, the tops, and the shoes, that you had so carefully selected for this once in a lifetime trip.

Traveling can be a challenge, but when an airline loses your entire suitcase, it can be a heartache as well. What can be even worse than a lost suitcase, however, is identity theft, Unfortunately, nearly 16.8% of all identity theft fraud cases that occurred in 2017 were listed as credit card fraud. Many of these situations occur when a person is traveling, especially when they are traveling abroad and are in unfamiliar settings, using unfamiliar routines.

Luckily, the latest credit card wallets can help protect important financial information from professionals who now seek to steal your digital information even while it is on your person. From super thin wallets that are lined with card protecting layers to the latest money clips that can attach to your person, there are many ways that you can protect yourself financially, even when the airline cannot seem to find your luggage. In fact, the best rated carbon fiber wallet is likely a far better investment than the most expensive pair of walking shoes. In the year 2017 alone, there were an estimated 16.7 million victims of identity fraud. Make sure you are taking every necessary step to make sure that you are not one of them.

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