Silver Is The Metal Of The Ages Selling And Buying Quality Silver Jewelry At A Reputable Seller

Silver is one of the most iconic metals around.

Its silky smooth luster is unparalleled, growing finer with age much like a bottle of wine. It’s able to be used in several different day-to-day applications, from electronics to silverware. Antique silver goes a step further, gracing many an antique and adding to its longevity. When you buy antique jewelry you buy a piece of history right in the palm of your hand. Choosing between the different varieties of silver comes down to your own unique tastes.

Antique silver buyers can take your antiques off your hands. They can also provide you with the best in high-quality jewelry. Learn more about the different silver varieties below.

The Ancient History Of Silver

A contributor to the iconic appearance of silver is just how long it’s been around. The very first evidence of silver mining dates all the way back to 3,000 B.C., according to the Royal Society Of Chemistry. Turkey and Greece both had (and still have) lucrative industries dealing in the exchange and assessment of silver goods. It wouldn’t be until the 19th and 20th century that sterling silver items would be marked with the word ‘sterling’. Others still would be marked with the numbers ‘925’.

How Silver Has Changed In The Modern Day

Silver is still one of the most coveted and traded metals today. Recent research estimated the American resale industry to have yearly revenues of $17 billion, which includes revenue from antique stores. When it comes to the making of high-quality jewelry, silver and gold alloys remain the top choice for their quality and ability to be easily shaped. Some things never change, however. The words for ‘silver’ and ‘money’ are the same in several different languages.

The Difference Between Pure And Mixed Silver

Not all silver is made the same. Pure silver, for starters, is much too soft for products like jewelry and tableware. These are usually made of a sterling variety, consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper (with occasionally other metals). This doesn’t mean you should only seek to sell a pure silver tea set or any other sort of pure silver good. Antique collectors are ever keen on finding the most delicately crafted and finely aged items out there.

Unique Varieties Of Silver Around The World

Alongside pure silver and sterling silver, there are even more specialized versions you can seek out. Antique Tiffany silver is prized for its impressive weight and unique sheen under light, compared to the extremely shiny polished pure silver. Alongside antique Tiffany silver you can look into Japanese and Chinese silver varieties. Old Chinese silver is actively sought out by many collectors today. If you have any doubts about your antiques, jewelry dealers can provide you the expertise you’re missing.

Choosing To Buy Or Sell Silver With A Professional Seller

Whether you want to purchase a high-quality piece of jewelry as a gift or want to sell an antique, only a professional eye will do. An antique Tiffany silver seller will ensure you’re getting a fair price in today’s lucrative market. They can assess the quality, karat count, age, style, and overall value of any piece you provide them. They can also steer you toward the right variety to suit your tastes. Ask them about a picture frame made of sterling silver or the benefits of a silver 16th wedding anniversary symbol.

Antique Tiffany silver stands the test of time. Appreciate it properly with a professional eye by your side.

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