5 Tips For Urban Construction Safety

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Completing construction projects in urban environments requires a unique set of safety precautions. Fortunately, by working with safety equipment companies and local governments, your crew can develop a comprehensive safety plan that keeps you and the local community safe. To prioritize safety in even the busiest of environments, follow these key tips.

  1. : With pedestrian traffic moving about the city, it’s important to have your work site clearly blocked off. Otherwise, people may accidentally wander into the construction area. This is also important for preventing auto traffic from entering the site as well.
  2. Safety Clothing: Proper safety clothes are a must when working in crowded environments. These include high visibility jackets, shirts, pants, and hats. By outfitting your workers well, they will be visible by all traffic. Just remember to purchase clothing that is appropriate for the season, since you don’t want your workers shivering in their summer gear during the winter.
  3. Vast Signage: People need to know that there is construction going on well before they find themselves around the site. This way, they can plan their route accordingly and stay away from your work. This will keep everyone safe and aware that construction is taking place.
  4. Alternate Routes: For both care and pedestrian traffic, it’s important to have temporary bridges and other detours available. This will keep people on schedule and minimize inconvenience as much as possible. While it may seem like an inconvenience at first, your effort will actually keep locals happy and safe. Check local construction guidelines for more specifics on how to do this.
  5. Reflective Tape: This reflective surface can prevent accidents for your workers in high traffic areas. Place this tape on clothing, equipment, barriers, helmets, and signs to prevent any unwanted collisions. You can buy this tape from most safety equipment companies.

Remember: Local building and construction codes are the ultimate authority on worker safety, so be sure to check those guidelines from the start. Create a details safety check list to make sure that you are in line with safety best practices. This will prevent accidents in even the most crowded cities, making your project less of a liability.

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