Why Wedding Linens Matter

Wedding reception linens

For many people their wedding is the culmination of a lifelong dream. The vision of that perfect day is often sketched out in vivid detail from the perfect one of kind attire to the canape enjoyed at cocktail hour and the perfect first dance song that truly represents the couple. Few realise the importance of the perfect tablecloth and chair cover rentals to bring the entire event together.

Weddings are big business, a $50 billion a year industry built of romance, sophistication and elegance. Close to 45,000 weddings take place every single weekend and almost 90% of Americans will get married in their lifetime. Marriage is very much still alive and well and planning the perfect start remains an important social custom for most couples. For more brides or grooms planning their wedding, a theme is the unifying thread that gives the day an identity beyond the mundane. From beach-themed weddings brought to life by aqua linens rental to Halloween-themed weddings with a touch of the macabre, wedding themes run the gamut from the classic to the bizarre and beyond.

Linens can bring any event together and are available in a plethora of shapes and sizes, from small 108″ or 120″ round cocktail tables to the conventional 134″ rounds and 8 foot drapes. The magic of linen is that not only is it two to three times stronger than cotton, they are also absorbent and capable of remaining dry to the such even after soaking up as much as 20% of its own weight. Matching table cloths and chair covers offer a uniform look and feel to any dining and dancing space making them perfect for representing the theme of the day, even if it is just a simple color palette.

Speciality linens rental can offer more quirky offerings or even bespoke or custom linens to meet even the most unconventional of ideas and make a unique statement on the wedding day. By opting for specialist wedding linen rentals you can be assured of peace of mind on your wedding day, knowing that your rental linens will match your vision for your perfect day. Doing so also means one less thing to cross off the list, thus limiting and reducing wedding planning stress.

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