Four Ripples of Good You Do When You Donate to Charity

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Have you ever thought about making donations for non profit organizations? When you make donations for non profit organizations, you’re doing a good deed. Not just one good deed, mind you. When you make donations for non profit organizations, your good deed has a ripple effect that reaches far beyond just the charitable organization you give to. Let’s think about it:

Four Ripples of Good You Do When You Donate to Charity

  1. You do good on you.
    Your donations for non profit organizations actually benefit number one. If you are an America, you are among the most fortunate humans on Earth. While that’s a good thing (obviously) the downside (if you can call it that) is that we have more than we need. We have too much food and must constantly strive to manage what we eat. We have too many things and that leads to clutter. When your home is cluttered with stuff you don’t need, it clutters your mind. Studies show that when you own more belongings than your brain feels in control of, it triggers a sense of anxiety.

    When you collect those excess that you don’t need but you have cluttering your home and brain, and make charitable donations with them, it clears both your home and your mind. Making unneeded clothing donations helps you achieve a clean home, and having a clean house gives you mental clarity that makes you more productive. Not to mention, that sense of goodwill you get when you do a good deed gives you the warm fuzzies that translates into more energy! Donating your unneeded household items to a charity that does good benefits yourself.

  2. You do good for those who need it.
    Charities that accept household and clothing donations serve a lot of purposes. They might help veterans. They might help animals. Hey, they might help the animals of veterans. There is a cause for every cause. They have one thing in common though: they help.

    When you donate your goods to a charity that supports a cause near and dear to your heart, your unneeded items directly support that cause. Sometimes your goods will directly meet the needs of those who are supported by the charity, and sometimes your donations will be sold in a thrift store to raise funds to further the purpose. However your charity of choice manages their donations, you can bet your bottom dollar that your household clutter will help those in need!

  3. You do good for your local economy.

    In addition to helping less fortunate with your donation, you also help your local economy. As we mentioned, when you give your unwanted household items and clothing to charity, the charity most likely sells it in a thrift store to raise money for their cause. Now, the people who shop at the thrift store where your donations end up are able to get the goods they need at a fraction of the cost of what they would spend buying it new (like, a fraction of a fraction).

    Not only do you help their economic well-being, but since these thrift store shoppers now have extra money in their pocket, they spend money at other businesses, which they would not be able to afford if they had to buy the items you donated brand new. And so those businesses benefit from your donation. The ripple of good continues.

  4. You do good for the planet Earth.

    It’s no secret that humans put a real beating on the planet Earth. We waste a lot. We produce pollution. We use a lot of energy, which depletes the planet of its natural resources. Donating goods to charity is a step in the right direction.

    When you give your unwanted items to charity, you’re giving them a second life, instead of filling up a landfill with things that could still be used. When someone makes use of your donated item, they don’t have to buy it new. This saves the planet the energy of your item being produced twice. It saves the pollution that would have been produced when that item was transported. It saves the space in a landfill when the packaging on the item was thrown away. Mother Earth smiles upon you when you give your goods to charity instead of throwing it away!

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