Pulling Together Wedding Decor with Specialty Linens

Specialty linen

Planning events like weddings, parties, baby showers, school dances, fundraisers and banquets can be exciting and hectic. No matter how experienced you are at party planning, you can always use some help. Especially when it comes to decorating with a special theme or color in mind, you want to find the right linens, flowers, centerpiece and favors. Linen tablecloth rentals can make this the easiest bit of party planning, with a wide range of designs and fabrics to choose from. Picking the right rental linens can help transform your space into the perfect setting for your big event.

Wedding preparations can be stressful

Weddings are a major turning point in anyone’s life, and not surprisingly, people are caught up in a wash of emotions, ranging from exhilaration to trepidation and back. Brides find that planning weddings is much more stressful than they had imagined, and they take a lot of planning. In fact, half of them report spending as much as eleven hours a week on preparations.

Using linen tablecloth rentals to create a theme

Finding the right wedding linen rentals can make it much easier to plan party decor. Color, design and fabric can all help to bring together a theme, which could be anything from Nantucket Summer to George Peach to The Great Gatsby. Linen rental companies will have the full range of speciality linens, including tablecloths, chair covers, and napkins, in matching or contrasting colors to make your job easier.

Once you have the linens in place, they can transform your event space into the right backdrop for the evening. Matching or contrasting linens can help to pull together all the elements of decor, from flowers and candles to food and even dresses.

Practical linens get the job done

Linens come in all kinds of beautiful designs and styles. They’re not only attractive, they’re also very practical. Linen is strong and washable, and can absorb much more moisture than cotton cloth. In fact, linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight while feeling dry to the touch. It’s also up to two or three times stronger than cotton, so it stands up to party wear and tear much better.

To make your preparations easier, linens rental for weddings come in various shapes and sizes. The standard sizes are 134? rounds and 8ft oblongs. For smaller tables and cocktail tables, there are 108? and 120? rounds.

Linen tablecloth rentals can make the job of planning a wedding or any other kind of party much easier. Wedding linens come in attractive colors and designs, and are strong enough to stay crisp and bright throughout the celebrations.

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