Treat Yourself to Some Change This Year

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Most women go through a period of their life when they crave change. This desired change might be in the form of a living arrangement, a career move, or a relationship change. In some cases, it is simply a need for anything to be different. You may crave for a different hairstyle or overall look, just something to change up the commonality of your day to day life. This feeling of change can usually come from a minor salon procedure. They are low cost, can increase your self esteem, and prevent you from making any of the other, more drastic, life changes.

Hair color and style

Changing your hair color or style can make you feel like an entirely different person. It can improve your mood, increase your self esteem, or emit a feeling of self confidence to those around you. The other great thing about hair styles is that they are not permanent. If you decide to cut off your long hair, it will grow back. If you opt to get hair extensions for a longer, fuller, look of hair, you can always remove them. If you decide later on that you dislike your new hair color, you can have it changed back.

Eyebrow threading and shaping

The current trend is thick and full eyebrows that are also tidy and well groomed. Eyebrow threading achieves this look best, as it allows the threader to have more control over the shape of the eyebrow. Changing the color, thickness, or overall look of your eyebrows can achieve that same desire for something different. Although most people do not directly identify someone?s eyebrows, most can identify when they are professionally groomed. They also bring the attention to the eyes, an action many women aim for.

Laser hair removal

Women spend many months and dollars on removing bodily hair, including facial, underarm, and legs. Recent studies also indicates that more than 99% of American women voluntarily remove hair, and more than 85% do so regularly, even daily. If you have a busy schedule and many obligations, you may find it difficult to keep up with hair removal. A common and highly desired salon service is that of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal can achieve the same smooth look from razors, but does not require the same amount of time constraints.

Some women may even opt for full hair removal. This is usually known as Brazilian waxing. It involves the full removal of any hair from a specific location. Laser hair removal and Brazilian waxes may be the unique change that you are looking for in your life. The procedures are quick, non invasive, and are safer than ever. Nearly 1 million laser hair removal treatments were performed in the U.S. last year, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).


Exercise also achieves that same desire of change for some women. Even women who do not have a goal of losing weight will find that the increased energy and better feeling of health improves their overall mood. Exercise is not only great for the health, but it also provides many women with a regulation of hormones and stress relief. Exercise classes are one of the best ways to meet new people in a new city. It can also improve weight control and result in better physician checkups.

New attire

Perhaps one of the best and most timeless options for change is a new wardrobe. Some women may go on a shopping spree after a breakup or after landing a new career role. The outfits that we wear provide us with self confidence and the simple act of shopping can actually increase happiness and reduce stress. It can also be a great addition to the other change methods already discussed.

At some point in our lives, women crave some sort of change. It might be appearance wise, or it might be to improve our mood. There are many different choices for achieving that feeling of change. Salon procedures are a healthy way to change up a look. Shopping and exercise release endorphins that improve the mood. Find what works best for you and incorporate that into your plan of change.

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