Brides and Grooms to Be  How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Brides and Grooms to Be How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

Updated 10/10/23

If you’re involved in planning a wedding, you probably know how difficult it can be to do wedding venue shopping. This task can be especially challenging for an out-of-town wedding. If you’re not familiar with the location, it can seem overwhelming to find a wedding venue with accommodation for the wedding party.

What Type of Gathering?

To begin your search, make a list of the features the bridal couple wants for the reception. Combine this information with the wedding date and any special requests, and you’ll be able to narrow the choices down to a few selections. Your search terms may help you narrow down the choices of establishments. For example, for an ornate reception, you might search for “ luxury wedding venues,” or “wedding venue availability 2023.”

How Many Guests?

The number of guests you expect may be a crucial factor in choosing the right venue. Some places are expert in handing a larger crowd, while some venues specialize in small, intimate gatherings. If you are precise in your query, like searching, “200 guests wedding venue,” you’ll find places that will be perfect for the size of your party.

Chapel hill wedding venues

From childhood to when the time comes, many men and women dream of their wedding day. In their fantasies, the big day plays out like a fairy tale, with the perfect setting, delicious food, elegant decorations, all of their friends and family, and their own true love saying “I do”.
But when it comes time to plan a wedding, many a bride and groom to be quickly grow stressed and find themselves in a tizzy. How do you successfully pull off a dream wedding event? How do you find the proper wedding reception and wedding ceremony venue? All of the questions with no readily available answers can become dizzying.
Well cool your jets, brides and grooms to be. Things aren’t as difficult as they seem.

Here are three essential tips for finding the perfect wedding venue:

Tip Number One: Establish a Head Count
Before deciding on a wedding venue, it’s important to know how many people you plan on inviting to your wedding, and what type of crowd that will be. Do you plan on inviting children? How about elderly individuals? In that case, destination weddings might be a bit more difficult to orchestrate.
Be prepared to change the number if necessary. Send ‘save the date’ invitations almost immediately to more easily gauge the true number of guests that plan on attending.

Tip Number Two: What’s Your Fantasy?
When you think of the dream wedding, what does it entail? It is a simple yet rustic barn wedding on the countryside? Is it an extravagant affair in a ritzy wedding hall? Whatever your dream is, with proper planning and budget management, it can feasibly become a reality.
Sit down with your partner and conceptualize your dream wedding. From there, it will be easier to begin your search.

Tip Number Three: Budget Wisely
Before you look into booking a wedding venue, knowing your budget is essential. Look at your guest count, your available money, and incorporate that into your ideal wedding. What does it look like? Remember, even a destination wedding is possible on a budget, you just have to be meticulous and creative!

Where is your dream wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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