Who Watches Your Child While You Work?

Employer sponsored childcare

Childcare in the workplace can offer professionals an economical childcare opportunity for parents of infants through school aged children. Corporate childcare can offer families breaks on childcare costs with pre tax dependent care accounts, discounts for enrolling multiple children or tuition assistance. Childcare in the workplace also provides great peace of mind, parents know they are very close at hand in the event of an emergency. On campus corporate daycare centers offer great convenience to breast feeding mothers, and those seeking to develop deep paternal bonds with their infants.

Employer sponsored childcare will allow you to work while your child is being taken care of by quality staff in a safe and nurturing environment. Pa childcare providers can offer supervision for children on a full or part time basis, and offer curriculum for all age levels. Excellent PA daycare providers can offer infants activities to nurture their development, while older children will work on fine motor and social skills. Childcare in the workplace can help your child prepare for entering school, and may even offer extended care for school aged children needing supervision before or after work.


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