195 Million Tablets Sold In 2010 Make Patch Management An Important Issue For Businesses

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Keeping each device at your company up to date from a security perspective may not be simple. In fact, it may be very complex for you to make sure that each security issue facing the many devices in your company are resolved in a timely manner. Rather than try to hire someone to go through each and every one of your devices and make sure that each and every update on each and every piece of software becomes very complex. Rather than go through this each and every approach, you may want to make use of patch management software. Patch management is responsible for making sure the security issues, software updates and more are all prioritized. It is also a method of making sure that you have blanket security issues in place for your company.

Blanket security issues refer to making sure the iPhone management, iphone security, mobile device management, patch management software and all related issues are universal across each user of mobile vices that has access to your company network. In other words, you will make sure that the protocols applied to one member of your staff are the same protocols applied to someone in a completely different department. While levels of access, individual passwords and usernames, amounts of data that are authorized for upload and download, and other issues will all be unique to each user, you will want to make sure that there is a base line when it comes to the expectations of security across the board.

There are currently about one in every three mobile service subscribers that are business users across the United States. This necessitates patch management security issues for most businesses that want to protect their organization against unwanted users from gaining access to their private networks. Some devices are already very secure. BlackBerry mobile devices, for example, come with a very strong encryption system and will include the influence of several factors beyond the use of personal identification numbers that a user provides.

Encrypting and authentication protocols that are applied under BYOD policies can be very functional at a small company. Once you get to a large enough company size, patch management will be required to ensure the integrity of your networks. Forbes estimates that mobile app projects will be rolled out at a 4 to 1 ratio in comparison to PC projects, further necessitating patch management software at large organizations.

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