Embarking On A Military Relocation? Consider A DITY Move

Dity move reimbursement calculation

Men and women who serve within our armed forces are saddled with a great deal of responsibility. In addition to ensuring proper training and other responsibilities, servicemen and women are often required to relocate frequently. While this can mean a simple move within the same state, oftentimes, it means moving across the country or overseas, in some cases. Moving can be an extreme hassle, regardless of if you are enlisted or not; however, as with all moves, there are resources that servicemen and women can explore to help make these moves a bit less stressful. By completing a do-it-yourself move, or DITY move, servicemen and women can arrange to move their own belongings and receive reimbursement for these charges, in some cases. If you are about to be relocated to a new base, you may want to explore your options for your DITY move.

A DITY move, which is also referred to as a Personally Procured Move Program, allows individuals in branches of the military to arrange for the shipment of their own belongings. A Dity move is a great option for these individuals, since it allows them the freedom to choose the most convenient ways of shipping their items, oftentimes, at a lesser cost than arranging for a full-service move. Additionally, since many branches of the military offer reimbursement for completing a DITY move, many individuals may choose this option in order to attempt to make a profit off their DITY move. However, before you can plan on taking extra money to the bank, it is important to ensure that you fully understand the options and procedures for completing your DITY move.

As with any move, it is important to keep in mind the amount of items you are planning to move and the distance in which these belongings will travel. As such, a DITY move allows servicemen and women to choose from various options, including portable storage containers, rental trucks and using personal vehicles to transport items. A DITY move also allows you to choose a combination of these methods for both convenience and safety. You can choose your own methods on a variety of reasons, including which option may offer you the biggest profit. However, in order to ensure that your DITY move will be profitable, you should ensure that you have all the required paperwork and documentation necessary for reimbursement purposes.

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