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The portable scanners that are on the market today are nifty digital devices that are extremely useful to anyone in the business world. You don’t even have to be in business to enjoy the benefits that the new scanners today provide. People can digitalize their bills, receipts, legal documents, photos, and more with the help of today’s scanners. There are different kinds of scanners to choose from today too. Several manufacturers are making them.

Sheetfed scanners are the biggest kinds of scanners on the market that are portable. These are smaller than a flatbed scanner and are very nice to use if you want to scan something out of a magazine for instance. You simply lay the book down on the scanner and press the scanning button. The sheetfed type of portable scanners today comes with a tray that holds the paper.

Handheld portable scanners are much smaller and easier to take with you. The handheld scanners can be easily tucked into your laptop carrying case, briefcase or purse. The object to be scanned is placed face up on a flat surface. The handheld portable scanners are then placed on top and moved to scan the object. These types of portable scanners are less expensive than the sheetfed portable scanners are. They use USB connections to your laptop too. The handheld portable scanners can be used to scan business cards, lunch receipts, business documents and even recipes that you find in a magazine while waiting in the doctor’s office. Instead of tearing it out and keeping it for yourself scan it instead and leave the recipe in tack for someone else to see.

There are also pen portable scanners today. These are the ones that are so small and tiny that they look like a regular ink pen. You use the pen type portable scanners like you use highlighter pens. These types of portable scanners are also manually moved across the paper you want scanned. Look for the different types of portable scanners available today online. Shopping online gives better selection as well as better pricing.

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