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How Do You Protect Your Feet When You Are on the Job?

Written by admin on . Posted in Best steel toe work boots, Desert boots, Heavy duty work boots

Comfortable tactical boots

It was a hike that you will remember for the rest of your life.
You were only 19 at the time, but that very first time that you reached the summit of Eagle Mountain you knew that this was a day you would remember.
As a camp counselor in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, you were in some ways pretty similar to the rest of the staff. You had just finished your freshman year in college and you had spent most of your life participating in various Lutheran church youth group activities. You had attended vacation Bible school weeks in previous summers, so you were familiar with many of the parables and stories that you would be teaching. You had lead prayers in your youth group back home, so you were comfortable standing in front of the campfire and leading large groups in both music and worship.<

Finding the Right Fit For Your Feet in a Dangerous Workplace

Written by admin on . Posted in Best steel toe boots, Compression resistance, Heavy duty work boots

Heavy duty work boots

When it comes to staying safe on the job, there are plenty of factors that are important to consider. Depending on the job, there are probably the obvious things to watch out for. Watching for moving parts and machines, carefully operating heavy machinery, using the proper equipment and techniques in different operations. But one vital thing that not everyone thinks about, perhaps until they have had the unfortunate experience of wishing they had known better, is wearing steel toe boots. Keeping your feet healthy and functioning as they are meant to will keep you happily mobile for years to come.

Just a few professions that might require workers to wear steel toe boots
There are countless professions, especially those in the heavy machinery industry or those involved in