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Travel Plans Are Quickly Ruined with Credit Card Theft

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4 bikinis-$140
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Reduce Back Pain with a Minimalist Money Clip

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For many men, carrying their wallet in their back pocket is second nature. It fits perfectly in the back pocket, it isn’t in the way when trying to bend over or sit down, and it is convenient and easy to get to. Carrying a wallet on your body allows it to always be with you when you need it and greatly decreases the chances that you will lose it.

However, wallets can get pretty bulky when you are carrying around your I.D., credit cards, insurance cards, business cards, and money. Some men even carry coins in their wallets, which make them even thicker. Medical professionals have been able to make a clear connection between men carrying their wallets in their back pockets and ongoing lower back and hip pain.

You may have heard of the sciatic nerve before or something called sciatica, but you may not have really know what it was. The sciatic nerve is right behind the hip joint and often gets pinched between the hip and the wallet when you are sitting with your wallet in your