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Archive for August, 2014

How to Choose an Engagement Ring Your Fiancee Will Love

Written by admin on . Posted in Engraved jewelry for women, Jewelry supplies, Vintage style engagement rings

Expensive engagement rings

Cut, color, clarity and carat are the 4 Cs of engagement ring design, but any good jewelers will be able to give you an overview of those. It still may not answer your major question about the ring: how can you pick out one she’ll like?

It’s important to pay attention to your fiance’s tastes. If she feels passionate about silver, don’t shop for yellow gold engagement rings. If she’s more traditional, shop for vintage style engagement rings rather than more unusual engagement rings. It’s easy to get caught up and let your own preferences determine the ring, but remember, she’s the one who will be wearing it, so make sure it reflects her personal style.

The cut or shape of a diamond is oft

How to Regrow Your Hair

Written by admin on . Posted in Hair growth treatment for women, I-grow laser, New hair growth treatment

Treating female hair loss

People have been trying to disguise and cure hair loss for centuries. Traditionally, this has involved wearing wigs and testing out a variety of topical treatments and medications, many of which offer no relief from the condition. More recently, however, people have commonly turned to procedures such as hair implants and grafting to replace missing hair. But what if there was a new hair growth treatment that allowed the patient to regrow their natural hair and improve the condition of their scalp, instead of merely covering up the problem? With laser hair growth treatments, this is now possible.

The disadvantages of hair transplants and grafting are obvious: the procedures are uncomfortable and risky, the results rarely look natural, and the treatments do nothing to help encourage natural hair