How to Install a Vinyl Privacy Fence

How to Install a Vinyl Privacy Fence

In this video, you will learn what fence contractors do to install a vinyl privacy fence in a home. In this project, the homeowner wanted to install a 4-inch privacy fence that would create a double driveway gate that would fit in a truck or a car.
Home fencing is popularly made with vinyl because it is a relatively light and versatile material that is strong and cheaper than wood.
The fence contractors begin by installing a vinyl post with a metal I-beam.

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The process was pretty simple and using an electric jackhammer, the ground was marked, and a 30-inch hole was dug up with shovels. This same process was repeated across this hole for the two gate support poles. When the 30-inch holes were ready, the poles went in, and the hole was filled with wet cement to provide a firm, stable foundation for the gate. They were then given 24 hours to dry and put before the next step of the vinyl gate installation.
If you are a homeowner curious about vinyl privacy fences and what it takes to install one, watch this video and see how the gate finally came out. For professional fence installation, contact fence contractors in your area.

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