Different Types of Wallets You Can Use

Wallets are quite useful for carrying around such items as cash, credit or debit cards, and even checks and passports. This means that there’s plenty of wallets out there for purchase, and many clothing stores tend to have personal accessories sections that include many wallet models. Most American adults today make use of these carrying items, and men may put one into their pants pocket for ease of access and women may put theirs into a pocket in their purse. Wallets are often considered a masculine item since men don’t typically carry purses, and sometimes, a fancy one such as an authentic leather wallet, a money clip, carbon fiber wallet, or a titanium wallet money clip may make a fine gift for an adult man. Still, women also make good use of them, since a thin wallet or a larger one may be the best way to keep cash and cards organized. The main difference is that women usually put their wallets in their purse, which may act as an added layer of security since it avoids pick-pockets. What is there to know about these convenient money and card holders today? They may be a practical item to buy for oneself, or a gift for another person.

Different Models and Fashion Trends

Although a wallet’s purpose is mundane, these accessories are quite popular today and are prominent in the market for personal accessories and items across the United States and beyond. This means that wallets factor into the trends for fashion accessory sales across the United States and around the world, and that means that plenty of such accessories are sold each year. To show the scale of this industry, the Fashion and Apparel Industry Report showed that global revenue in that industry is set to grow over the next four years. It was worth $481.2 billion in 2018, but by 2022, it may be as high as $712.9 billion, a considerable increase.

Who is buying all of these personal accessories? There’s plenty of them, and the numbers show that the total population of fashion consumers may grow to 1.2 billion people by 2020. Most often, new fashion consumers tend to be aged 16-24 or aged 25-34, mainly older adolescents and young adults. Today, it is Millennials (born 1982-1995) and the older members of Generation Z (born 1996-2010) who fall into this age range, so a lot of marketing efforts may be directed at them. After all, Millennials are now young adults and can afford more purchases than ever before, making them a very popular demographic for advertising and many industries ranging from personal accessories and clothing to cars, houses, and even boats. Many industry experts carefully track and predict the spending habits and interests of Millennials. The same is being done for older Generation Z members, and within the next decade, even more advertising effort may be directed at that generations as well as the Millennials.

Getting a Wallet

Someone who buys and uses a wallet may have many options to choose from. They should also exercise caution and good sense, since many dishonest people know to target such accessories since they contain cash, credit cards, and more. Identity fraud is an unfortunate but common occurrence, and many statistics show how often it happens. A wallet owner is advised to minimize the odds of getting their pockets ransacked by dishonest strangers, especially in crowded areas. Wallet owners may be advised that some pick-pockets work in tandem, when a partner “accidentally” bumps into the victim and distracts them while the pick-pocket freely steals the victim’s wallet. Wallet owners may wear pants or shorts with pockets that zip closed, or keep their wallet in a front pocket and keep their hands in their pockets while in crowded areas.

What models are there for these accessories? Portfolio wallets may be considered the “typical” wallet, being made of false or even real leather and folding open vertically. This includes pockets for cards and a single, larger pocket for cash and checks. Clip-style wallets are conveniently narrow and tough, and may contain either some paper bills or a small collection of cards for convenience. The only drawback is that they can’t easily carry coins like portfolio wallets can.

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