Hair Extensions A Style That Has Lasted For Centuries

Hair extensions have continued their long time popularity for centuries. Yes, that is right; I said centuries, as in many hundreds of years. Evidence has been found as far back as the time of Cleopatra, the Egyptian ruler herself. The wealthy class were the only ones who could afford but now more than one-third of women, about 58.7 million out of the entirety of the female population of 158.6 million, in the United States make use of hair extensions. A whopping 38 percent of women even use it for their beauty regiment! The continued use of hair extensions has led Fortune magazine to state their hair extension market alone is pushing its worth towards $5 billion.

Why would you want hair extensions? Well, how often do you really get to style your hair drastically without first waiting several months before you can accomplish said hairstyle? Your typical woman will be seen with 150 different hairstyles in just her lifetime. Hair extensions could give you the opportunity to try out new styles without the wait and perhaps lower the 68 percent of women that are dissatisfied with their hair.

What kind of hair extensions are there? First, you need to ask yourself if you prefer the look and feel of human hair extensions or synthetic? Human hair extensions are made with genuine hair while synthetic extensions are made with imitation human hair. Human hair extensions are far superior for blending in with your hair. However, you can find varying degrees of quality for synthetic hair extensions. Do what is best for your budget!

If you are looking for volume and thickness, try your hair out with tape extensions, or tape-ins. These extensions can be used for a lengthy period of time and can even be applied several times before investing in a new set of extensions. To avoid the extensions from slipping, it is highly recommended you curb the amount of heavy conditioners and oils used.

How about hand tied extensions? Wefted extensions are tied into your hair by hand. Like the tape extensions, hand tied extensions can add some fullness to your hair. You can expect hand tied extensions to last anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on how well cared for they are.

Microbeaded extensions, are designed to use smaller wefts of individual hair extensions rather than large sections like hand tied extensions. A small silicone-lined bead is then used to secure the weft to your hair.

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