For Women Who Workout The Ideal Sports Bra For You

In the United States, many Americans have a complicated relationship with exercise. However, recently, exercise is beginning to become more prevalent. More Americans are engaging in physical activity. They enroll in exercise classes such as yoga, cardio based dance, and kickboxing. Individuals head to the gym at least three days a week. They lift weights, engage in abdominal exercises, and run mile after mile, after mile. In fact, running has become one of the most widespread forms of exercise. The University of Michigan found that 12-20 minutes of running, at least three times a week, can increase bone mineral density. Additionally, 80% of men and 60% of women in the United States, reported that they felt more attractive after running on a regular basis. If you’re exercising to lose weight, to become healthier, to decrease anxiety (among other factors), there are some things you should know. Actually, if you are a female, there is information you should know about sports bras.

The Importance Of A Sports Bra

There are many different fitness accessories you can purchase, wear, and use while exercising. Some of these accessories include a jump rope, a water bottle, and yoga bands. All of these can be utilized successfully during a workout. You can wear tank tops, workout leggings, and yoga leggings with pockets. However, the most important and necessary item you can wear during a workout is a sports bra. You may be thinking, “how is a sports bra the most important item you can wear?” To begin, when you engage in physical activity, the breasts move; they bounce up and down, especially when you are running. The continuous and repetitive motions you make, can cause soreness, pain and sagging. Sports bras reduce this movement, and some practically stop it altogether. Reduced movement is imperative because breasts do not have muscle. That said, without the proper support, your skin and ligaments can break down and stretch. Once the skin and ligaments are broken and stretched, it’s permanent. Your skin and ligaments cannot bounce back to its original shape. Therefore, sports bras prevent this stretching and sagging to occur by preventing breast movement.

Types Of Sports Bras

Racerback Sports Bra

A racerback sports bra creates a Y shape in the back when you wear it. Typically, a racerback sports bra is not adjustable. You simply pull the sports bra over your head. This bra gives you a proper full range of motion as you exercise. These sports bras are known for their support and flexibility. A racerback sports bra moves with your body so it provides you with comfort as you workout. Additionally, a racerback sports bra is ideal for high-intensity training exercise because it’s effective during even the most sweatiest of sessions. This sports bra is considered a high impact sports bra. It is important to note that a racerback sports bra is ideal for women with smaller cup sizes.

A racerback sports bra is only one of three different backs of sports bras. There are crossback sports bras that come together in the back. This allows for an enhanced range of motion. Unlike a racerback sports bra, crossback sports bras are semi adjustable. Next, there is a scoopback sports bra. This bra is highly similar to a bra you would wear everyday. It is also easy to take on and off. This bra is ideal for women who have larger cup sizes. Lastly, there is a sports bra with convertible straps. This bra allows you to alter the style from crossback to scoopback. It’s known for its flexibility.

Low Impact Sports Bra

There are many styles of low impact sports bras. Some are strappy. Some are soft. Some are bralettes. Some have a minimalist back strap. Some are stretchy. Some are wireless. Whichever style you choose, most of them have moisture wicking qualities. These sports bras are ideal for yoga, Pilates, and strength training, because there is not a lot of bouncing occurring when you exercise.

Medium Impact Sports Bras

Similar to low impact sports bras, medium impact sports bras come in many different styles and sizes. These sports bras are ideal for activities like hiking, cross-training, and using an elliptical.

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