The Hi Vis Hoodie A Safe and Smart Choice for Your Workers

When one hears the phrase “build a wardrobe”, one usually thinks of the types of pieces to choose to add to a wardrobe and make it more versatile and functional.

However, there is a literal aspect to the phrase, as well; since many individuals involved in the construction and building industries also have to add items to their work wardrobe.

This means that construction workers “build” a wardrobe, too. Many of the items they add are created by designers to provide the workers with the safest, highest amount of most protection and safety possible. Among the items utilized for this purpose, for example, are accessories such as earplugs and rugged, protective footwear.

But these items are not designed to protect the safety of the whole individual. So how is this objective reached? First and foremost, the wardrobe items mostly center on a pivotal, key safety factor: visibility.

The safest way to protect a worker on a construction job site is to make sure that they can be seen. With that in mind, designers and manufacturers have created entire lines of high-visibility outerwear, known by the shorter term hi vis clothing.

Some of these items are hi vis rain gear, hi vis pants, a construction safety vest, cargo work pants with black reflective tape, custom reflective jackets, a custom reflective vest and a hi vis hoodie.

Let’s look at one of the most popular items, a hi vis hoodie. More than just a fashion statement, a hi vis hoodie is a piece of apparel with the concept of safety built right into its design. A flame-resistant, hi vis hoodie will keep both men and women workers warm and visible on the job site.

The hi vis hoodie will also meet safety requirements for high visibility on the job. This is most important. In addition, the hi vis hoodie can come with a thermal lining, and some may have a zip front; they are available in a variety of colors. They make a great, trendy statement, too!

Different Class levels for the hi vis hoodie (Class A, B, C for example) indicate the weight of the piece, with Class C usually weighing around 9 oz. This is of particular interest to many workers, who need to wear a hi vis hoodie on the job but do not need to feel restricted or weighed down.

So, if you are looking for protective clothing to keep your team of workers safe–whether they are landscapers, pipe fitters or first responders–a great choice would be high visibility clothing. In particular, a hi vis hoodie would be an ideal go-to piece. Let your workers work safely. Your selection of hi vis clothing will work smart for them, for you, and for all of your team.

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