Six Things to Do With Sea Glass

Sea glass is some of the oldest known jewelry in human history. Sea glass is any type of man-made glass that washes up on beaches, honed and polished by the sea. Seawater, with its high pH levels, works to pit the glass, while the movement of the waves breaks it up. Sea glass has been used in jewelry and glass making since 2000B.C. and is found everywhere in the world where there are beaches. Today, sea glass is still very popular and the sea glass charm, ring, and jewelry of all kinds are popular items for weddings and personal use because of the subtle hues of this beautiful glass. Here are just a few ideas for what you can do with sea glass.

Make a Night Light

There’s nothing like the look of natural sea glass with light shining through it. Sea glass comes in a vast array of colors and shapes, though blues, greens, and aquas are the most common and orange the least, that can be patterned over a light in whatever way you please.

Sea Glass Charm

There are few better ways to enjoy the sea in daily life than with a sea glass charm or sea glass pendant. Buying a few of these will give you the chance to design your own jewelry, and adding a sea glass charm to your necklace or anklet can make a positive statement about who you and what you value; or simply charm you as it reminds you of what you love. Get more than one sea glass charm and you can switch them out for a different look every day.

A Mosaic Table

Don’t throw away that old table: transform it. You can acquire sea glass in nearly color scheme you want and build a mosaic pattern on a small table that will make it uniquely yours.

Sea Glass Candles

You can make a simply stunning candle holder from sea glass. Just make sure it’s protected enough to hold its integrity with a heat source inside, and then enjoy the flickering beauty in whatever color delights your soul.

Sea Glass Wedding Jewelry

Ok, this one might not be something you make, but rather something you buy. But few things are more gorgeous than sea glass jewelry at a wedding, particularly if you are holding the wedding at a beach or with a sea theme. Some sea glass designers will be happy to make you a completely unique set of jewelry based on the pictures you send of dresses and venue.

Sea Glass Jewelry Box

Say something about the jewelry within by transforming an old wooden box with sea glass accents. Then you’ll always know where to find your favorite pieces.

Sea glass is versatile, and it is a legacy of a time before recycling when we cared less about what we dumped in our seas. Nature has transformed our waste into things of beauty, and you can embrace that transformation for yourself with gorgeous sea glass pieces.

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