5 Tips for Finding the Right Prom Tuxedo

People of all ages often remember the times they spent at high school proms. Statistics show that there are nearly 40 million teenagers currently throughout the United States. With that in mind, many teenagers are currently finding themselves preparing for upcoming proms. These events are all about having fun and look your best. With that in mind, it’s important that the guys follow a few tips before prom arrives. Considering that, here are five ways to help ensure you’ve found the perfect prom tuxedo.

  1. Match Tuxedo Colors to Your Date’s Dress

    Considering that, an important part of looking your best for prom is being able to match the colors of your date’s dress. This match doesn’t have to be exact but there needs to be some type of color match taking place. Of course, you probably don’t want to wear a purple or pink tuxedo. Instead, you’ll want to match a tie, vest, or pocket square to the color of your date’s dress.
  2. Ask Your Prom Date for a Color Sample

    Speaking of dress matching, this can be difficult for many men. In many cases, women are going to know a little more about color than the guys. Therefore, if a woman chooses an aqua colored dress, you don’t want to tell the tuxedo rental you need a blue vest, tie, and color square. With that in mind, ask your date to give you a color swatch. In turn, you can easily present the color you’re needing to a tuxedo rental provider without risking making the wrong choice.
  3. Get Your Tuxedo Rented Right Away

    As soon as you have a date and a color scheme, it’s time to get a tuxedo rental for prom. You’ll want to make this an urgent matter consider that prom season is a very busy time for tuxedo providers. Prom tuxedo rentals are often claimed quickly as the time and date for this special event nears. You don’t want to be the person who missed out on prom because there were no tuxedos available.
  4. The Pick Up Date is Very Important

    You might think that the pick up date given by the tuxedo rental company is simply a date to get your prom attire. However, this date isn’t just about picking up your tuxedo. During the pick up date, you will be measured to ensure that your tux fits properly. Statistics show that guys spend about $184 for a tuxedo. Considering that, it’s important that this tuxedo fits you extremely well. In the event that a proper fit isn’t achieved, the pick up date gives the provider of prom tuxedo rentals a time window to make final adjustments. This ensures that you arrive at prom in a tuxedo that fits you perfectly.
  5. Remember to Return Your Tuxedo on Time

    Statistics gathered from a recent Visa Prom Spending Survey found that parents will spend an average of 56% of incurred prom costs. Whether you or your parents are doing the spending, it’s important to take note of when your tuxedo needs to be returned. In many cases, additional payments will need to be made if a tuxedo is returned late. No teenager wants to tell their parents that they need to spend money on late tuxedo return fees.

In closing, there are several important tips to remember while renting a tuxedo. It’s important that you find a provider of quality prom tuxedo rentals. Prom is a very important date for teenagers around the United States. With that in mind, you’ll find that showing up in a tuxedo that matches and fits perfectly will surely impress your date. You can achieve this by remembering to visit a provider of prom tuxedo rentals as soon as possible.

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