Five Tips for Proper Beard Care

Beard care

Beards have many advantages over the winter months. For one, they can keep your face warm in the cold wind and snow. They can also give a man a rugged look that is in style throughout the winter season. That is, as long as the beard is properly groomed and styled. Growing a beard is not as simple as just letting it grow. You want to make sure it is clean and always looks its best.

Trim, trim, and more trimming
Yes, you do have to trim your beard. Many men choose to grow a beard throughout the winter season to cut down on daily grooming time. Fortunately, simple trims do not take up too much time. Yet, you should still be trimming your beard daily. Keep the lines smooth and clean and remove hair from places the beard should not be. Once you get in the habit of it, this process should only take a few seconds.

Wash daily
Beards are right under the mouth, meaning they are exposed to everything you eat and drink all day long. It is important to keep the beard area clean by washing it daily. Using grooming products like scented beard oil can be useful when you simply do not have enough time to give it a full wash. The hair care industry is set to grow to become a 91 billion dollar industry by the year 2019. There are many different types of beard oils available to choose from.

Choose the right beard products
Although some men use the same shampoo and conditioner on their beards as they do their hair, this is actually not the best type of product for facial hair. An all natural beard requires natural products that are specifically designed for the face, such as all natural beard oils or scented beard oils. Beard products are made with more natural of ingredients, which is important for the facial area. You don?t want the shampoo or conditioner that is made for your hair to clog your pores. Because many of the all natural beard products are not made with any scents, you might choose to finish the grooming process with scented beard oil.

Have a good razor on hand
You never know when you might want to shave your beard. Depending on how long you have been growing it for, the texture can get pretty thick. By the end of the winter season, you are likely to have a pretty thick beard. This means that your normal razor will probably not do the job. If you plan on shaving after a long season of growing, make sure you invest in a good razor. Otherwise, you could stop into a local salon that is familiar with beard care. Male shaving products are expected to reach $18.1 billion by 2020, so again, you have many options available.

Know when it?s time to lose the beard
In most cases, having a thick beard is acceptable for the winter months. However, it is also important to know when a beard is not acceptable. If you are interviewing for a formal position, for example, you might not want the beard to be the most memorable thing about you. If you are attending an upcoming formal event, etiquette would say that a thick, unmanaged beard is not acceptable. Also, remember that a well groomed beard is always preferential over an ungroomed one. But, keep scented beard oils to a minimum when attending these types of events.

According to Euromonitor, the global market for male grooming products is projected to reach $60.7 billion by 2020. Women have long dominated the hair care market, simply because they had more hair. Because men are growing longer and thicker facial hair in the form of beards, the market is on an uprise and it is unlike to slow down anytime soon.


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