Finding a Diversion from the Tragic News of the Day Is Often Necessary

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This is the kind of weekend when more and more Americans will be looking for a diversion. The tragic news of a school shooting in Florida has been on the heart and minds of many as we head into one of the last weekends of the month. As a result, this is a weekend when it might be necessary to look at the category of today in entertainment so that you can process the news that has been so difficult to handle this weekend.
From current celebrity news to the latest Hollywood gossip, spending some time watching or reading about today in entertainment may help you find a way to laugh during a week full of tears and smile during a cycle of sadness.
Finding a Way to Stay Focused on the Good Can be a Challenge During Times of Difficult News

Even though a number of Americans spend a great deal of time watching 24 hour news channels, it should come as no surprise that the combined revenue for the celebrity gossip industry tops more than $3 billion every year. And while there are many reasons that people listen to entertainment news, it is possible that in weeks like this an increasing number of Americans might be searching for a distraction.
With just black entertainment in mind, consider these statistics about the impact that this market has on the nation’s economy:

  • Black Entertainment Television (BET) is viewed in more than 90 million homes across the world.
  • As of 2010 BET was the most prominent television network targeting young black-American audiences. It was also the leading provider of black American entertainment and cultural based programming.
  • $500 billion is the amount of annual spending power contributed every year by the hip hop demographics.
  • Prior to spring 2008, 6.94 million people in the U.S. visited RandB, rap, or hip-hop concerts within a period of 12 months.
  • Comprising 15% of the nation’s population, there are more than 45 million African-Americans living in the U.S., according to Census Bureau data.

The latest entertainment and the latest celebrity news stories are a welcome diversion in a time when the tragedies of the nation are a heavy burden to bare.

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