Sparkle Your Way Into A Happy Marriage

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There are very few people in the world who do not want their wedding day to be incredibly special. Having a ceremony that unites the couple followed by a one of a kind celebration is something brides and grooms everywhere dream about for years. According to a 2014 report regarding marriages in the United States, the number of marriages performed each year is somewhere between 2.1 million and 2.2 million, and this will continue to be the trend for many years to come.

So how can you make your wedding special and have your celebration stand out amongst your guests? One of the ways is to consider using wedding sparklers somewhere in the celebration. Buying sparklers online is the easy way to make sure that you have enough wire sparklers for all of the guests in attendance. If you plan to use the sparklers as part of the ceremony or as a send-off, the rule of thumb is to order enough for about 75% of the guests who have confirmed. For example, the average wedding in the United States has 136 guests. If you were to order 102 sparklers for a wedding with this many confirmed guests, you should be all set.

Buying sparklers online has never been easier and it is a much more accurate and reliable way to purchase the ones you want. For wedding use, there are several different types of sparklers to choose from. A traditional sparkler like you might see at a fourth of July parade will only last for approximately 45 seconds. For a wedding, you typically will want one that will last longer. Of the longer lasting variety, there are 20-inch or 3- inch options. These longer sparklers for weddings are ideal because they burn longer, only have to be lit one time, and have an extended handle to hold onto while the bride and groom are soaked in the sparkler’s light from a hundred or more friends and loved ones.

Another advantage of buying sparklers online is that they can often be customizable. If, for example, you wanted to order enough of the longer sparkler versions for the guests, then make the bridal party’s sparklers something different like a heart shape, you can get that done online moths before you need them on the big day.

Everyone who gets married has thought about their wedding day for some length of time during their growing up years. After the engagement, the planning stage begins and making sure all if the details are in place can be a very stressful time. If one of your details is to make sure that everyone has a wedding sparkler for your big day’s celebration, buying sparklers online will be one of the easiest things you do. You can order well in advance knowing that the sparklers you want will be in stock and ready for delivery. It’s your special day. Why not make it sparkle?

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