Three Excellent Options for Your New Oven or Cooktop

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When the time comes to choose a new oven and range for your kitchen, you may notice that over the years the number of options has skyrocketed. It was approximately 400,000 years ago that we as a race first learned how to harness fire for cooking. Since then, we have cooked over open fires, in hearths, and eventually we invented self contained stoves in 1735.

Today you have the option of induction, gas, electric, built into the wall, or slide in ovens and ranges. Here are some brands that you might consider.

  • Frigidaire ranges.
  • You have a lot of different options if you are shopping for Frigidaire ranges. They make electric, gas, and dual fuel stove tops with double ovens. Their electric range features a ceramic surface. Even though Frigidaire is best known for its refrigerators and freezers, Frigidaire ranges are very favorably reviewed by consumers.

  • GE electric cooktops.
  • Electric coil, electric smoothtop, or induction, you can take your pick. If your kitchen is built for gas, then Ge gas cooktops come in both slide in and drop in ranges. You can customize the appliance to the style of your kitchen and choose from stainless steel, black, white, or bisque color schemes. Ge wall ovens are perfect if you end up with a smoothtop range with no oven built in. They feature LED touch controls, convection with direct air, and other fantastic features depending on the model.

  • Kitchenaid induction ranges.
  • Induction cooktops feature electromagnetic technology. The cooktop surface element heats the pan, while the cooktop itself remains cool. Some models feature up to twelve different levels of heat, and have a bridge function which allows you to use two cooking zones as one for additional cooking applications.

Whichever brand of oven or range that you choose, you can get the best deal by signing up for a membership with a company that gets its product directly from the manufacturers. Skip the retail markup and enjoy quality, new, discount appliances for your kitchen.

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