The Best Breast Augmentation Doctors Secure Successful Surgeries

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Almost a hundred thousand women underwent breast implant surgery for reconstruction after a mastectomy in 2011. There are many options for breast implants. The implant can be placed either over or under the pectoral muscles. There are also a couple different choices in type of implant. Sientras high strength silicone implants sometimes known playfully as gummy bear implants went under an eight year trial by the FDA before being deemed acceptable.

With breast augmentation on the rise in numbers and popularity, its hard to believe that the first breast prosthetic breast was engineered not to long ago in 1961 by American plastic surgeons Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin along side the Dow Corning Cooperation and the first breast augmentation mammoplasty was preformed the next year in 1962. The bra is also a fairly new invention being patented in 1914. However they weren’t a full replacement for the corset until World War I. This is because women were asked to stop wearing corsets to save metal for the war.

If you are looking for the best breast augmentation surgeons, Tampa plastic surgeons are some of the best work in the field. If you are thinking about breast augmentation, you should do your research on breast augmentation doctors before heading to the operating room. This will ensure your surgery is a success. Tampa plastic surgery has a great reputation for successful high quality operations preformed by Tampa Plastic Surgeons. Tampa breast augmentation has a great reputation because of experienced and intelligent Tampa plastic surgeons. If you are looking to boost your confidence after a battle with cancer, Or just look great all the time, Tampa plastic surgeons are my first suggestion for completing that task.

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