Going to the Best Summer Concerts on a Budget

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Concerts have long been favorite sources of entertainment for people of all ages, races, genders, and walks of life. Especially in the summer, when outdoor venues dominate the concert landscape and life slows down a little, going to a concert is somewhere on the wishlist of many in the Atlantic City area.

The best summer concerts tend to fill up early, however, and finding cheap show tickets isn’t always easy. For those who don’t mind it, going to a concert alone can be a money saver, as can looking for tickets further from the stage. Many summer concert venues even offer lawn seats for fractions of the price of arena seats. Finding seats further from the stage is also a solution for those wondering is it safe to go to a concert while pregnant. Though the extremely loud noises you might encounter sitting next to the amp could potentially damage baby’s hearing, sitting in the middle or the back won’t cause a problem. Especially in the summer, when the best concerts to see are available, springing for cheaper tickets further from the stage can be a great way for pregnant mamas and the wallet conscious to enjoy a night out.

Another cheaper way to enjoy some evening summer entertainment is to look into Atlantic city comedy shows. Depending on the comedian, tickets may be significantly cheaper, and pregnant women won’t have to worry about the noise level. In fact, drink minimums are waived for pregnant women, further reducing the price of a fun night out. Live comedy shows range from basement open mic nights to major comedy tours, and the prices range accordingly, but cheap comedy tickets can be found using the same guidelines used for finding cheap concert tickets. Look for seats closer to the back, and consider going by yourself if that kind of thing doesn’t bother you.

In the warmer months, when the best summer concerts and comedy shows come to Atlantic City, high ticket prices don’t have to be an obstacle to a fun evening out. Smart consumers who are willing to make some compromises can find cheap tickets to the best summer concerts and comedy shows.
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