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The Jackson Hole and Yellowstone area in Wyoming is popular for how many different species of animals are living in the area. There are over 60 different types of mammals and over 100 different types of birds that call Jackson Hole and Yellowstone home. There are even 6 different types of game fish in this area as well. People who are looking for Moose WY real estate are often drawn by the outdoors and the wildlife that Wyoming is known for. The crime rate for this area is half of the national average, which makes Jackson hole property for sale that much more attractive. Jackson Hole real estate for sale can be discovered best by first finding Jackson Hole realtors on the web.

Most people travel an average of 12 minutes to get to work in Jackson, and getting familiar with all the surrounding areas is important if you’re looking for Moose WY real estate. There are seven national parks in Wyoming that draw a lot of tourists and visitors every year. During 2011 alone, national parks received almost 6 million visitors. There are also plenty of options for Jackson Hole commercial real estate in the area as well. Wyoming is considered one of the best places to do business because of no corporate or personal state income taxes. More information about Moose WY real estate can be found on real estate directories.
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