How About a Pink Camo Formal for This Years Prom?

Camo vest for wedding

The use of modern military camouflage in art began in the early 20th century. The first camouflage jackets were worn in two Napoleon War skirmishes. The Brits wore a camouflaged green rifle jacket back then. The main reason for wearing camouflage clothing is so that you are not so readily seen by the enemy. The idea of camouflage clothing came about when people noticed that certain animal hides were useful for prey animals to be hidden from their predators. Think of the spots on a baby deer or the dappled markings on giraffes. These markings help break up the shapes of animals when the sunlight hits them as they hide among the trees and tall grasses in the wild.

Today we have all kinds of camouflage prints and patterns on materials that we use for clothing. Camouflage is not just used in military clothing anymore. In fact, girls can even buy a camo formal these days. A pretty pink camouflage material can be used to make a gorgeous camo formal. The most common patterns used for materials involve background matching. This includes patterns on materials used for a camo formal. If you are looking for a camo formal for this year’s prom, you can shop for them online now. Find out more by shopping with online vendors for your formal today. More on this topic.

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