Product Liability Attorneys Help Families Suffering from Topamax Side Effects

Taking Topamax during pregnancy has the potential of causing topamax side effects that cause such defects as cleft lip and cleft palate in newborns. Physicians prescribe this drug for patients who suffer from migraine headaches and seizures. There is a high rate of women who have children born with topamax side effects. Because of this, a class action lawsuit against the Topamax epilepsy prescription drug manufacturer, Ortho-McNeil, is underway. This manufacturer is a division of the well known Johnson and Johnson pharmaceutical company.

Settlement attorneys may help you receive compensation for the pain, suffering and expense that topamax side effects have caused. If you have a child with topamax side effects, you should consult with a drug injury law firm for a free consultation. The (FDA) US Food and Drug Administration rate Topamax as a Pregnancy Category D drug because of the data collected, which indicates a risk of birth defects. Law firms that handle product liability cases such as the topamax side effects, Bard IV filter, Infuse Bone Graft, Actos, DePuy hip recall, Yaz/Yasmin and IVC filter help people bring lawsuits against companies, associated companies and individuals who produce, market and sell defective and detrimental pharmaceutical and medical devices.

Product liability laws protect consumers who suffer injuries and defects from things such as topamax side effects, defective products, unsafe food and food handling and other products that bring harm to a person. There are guidelines and standards in place that manufacturers, producers and others must follow. When these standards and guidelines are not followed, potential hazards can and do occur. Law firms that represent consumers hurt by unsafe products and manufacturing procedures is your best resource to get help.

Medical bills rapidly build up when you or a family member suffer from injuries caused by unsafe products. Babies born with topamax side effects are innocent and should never have had this fate dealt to them. When a manufacturer or producer knows there is a problem with their product, such as topamax side effects, they should recall the product as soon as they become aware of the condition. Companies that produce unsafe products need to be held accountable, and provide as much support and help as they can for those who suffer because of their products.

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