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Long Distance Movers Help You Go The Distance

Written by admin on . Posted in Movers, Moving

Long distance movers are the perfect choice if you are moving across the country. With the economy still tanked, many people are finding that they have to actively pursue jobs all over the country to even stand a chance of getting hired; gone are the days when you could look for new jobs in your current town and have a good chance of getting hired. Today, families are being forced to pull up their roots and go where the good jobs are.

If you have to move for a job, long distance movers could help make the transition much easier. Moving is a surprisingly tiring and difficult process; one that ideally left to the professionals. Long distance moves in particular are very taxing on each member of the family. By hiring long distance movers, you can make moving much easier. Your movers will handle as much of your move as you would like them to. Ask you moving company about special services that they may offer, such as packing, taping boxes, and even organizing your items for you so you do not have to worry about finding things when you get to your new home.

To find the best deals on long distance movers, you may want to look into discount long distance movers. These long distance movers can help you save big on the cost of your move. Discount long distance movers look for people to fill their truck for their return trip when they have just finished a job. So, if someone has just moved from their old city to your current city, discount long distance movers can offer you space on their truck for their return trip. While you can save a lot of money with discount long distance movers, you do need to be flexible as they will usually give you a three day moving window.

Where to Start the Search: One Way Moving Truck Rental

Written by admin on . Posted in Container movers, Long distance movers, Long distance moving companies

If you are moving somewhere and plan to never look back, (at least with all your belongings that is), one way moving truck rental may be the way to go. Just like booking a one way plane ticket, one way moving truck rental transports your belongings from point A to point B, but does not return to its original storage facility.

Just like standard two way moving truck services, one way moving truck rental services typically come with fixed rates depending on the length of time you need them, the mileage they will travel, and the size of the truck itself. There are few moving services that solely offer one way moving truck rental, so shop around at multiple locations before making your decision.

A few tips when searching for a one way moving truck rental (or two way, if need be):

First, determine the size truck you will need.

Assess how many larger pieces like dressers, beds, or desks you will need moved, how many boxes you have, etc. Some agencies use a fixed rate based on mileage, others based on size, so be sure to search around for an appropriate fit for both your budget and your belongings.

Call between 3 to 5 agencies.

Calling an agency for a quote does not marry you to them, so explore all of your options. Use recommendations from friends or customer review websites, and call to get a quote. Be sure to include specifics and details of your move, such as distance, time of the week, and things that will need moving. Some agencies charge more on weekends than week days, by the mile, or amount of man power needed. The more they know, the easier it will be to quote you.

In one way moving truck rental, or two way, be sure to thoroughly inspect your vehicle before signing the agreement. Assess for any previous damage done to the vehicle, the amount of gas and mileage that it already has, and record it. Taking the time to do this will protect you against any unwanted insurance or damage issues.

Wherever the move, be sure to put some extra research into the company you choose. Remember, these are your belongings, so the extra research will help ensure their safe arrival at your new destination.