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Three Must Know Beauty Tips for Your Eye Brows

Written by admin on . Posted in Microshading blade replacements, Microshading method, Protective equipment

Your face is the first thing people come into contact with when they see you. If your face is outstanding, it takes longer before they drift from it. It is therefore natural to want to gloom it by adding artificially modified add-ons that look natural on your face.

One way of ensuring that you stand out among your friends is the application of makeups. It may include applying color on your eyebrows and shaping them. Nonetheless, you have to repeat the process every morning.

However, technology has introduced other efficient methods to replace eyebrow shading. They include micro-blading, microshading, and micro feathering.


Micro-blading is a process that has replaced the eyebrow enhancing products. It uses the pen technique, which has several fine end needles used to create thin strokes of eyebrows.

The process, however, doesn’t penetrate beneath the first layer of the skin. This ensures that the process is safe, although it is

Wholesale Bags and Totes Printed To Brand Your Business

Written by admin on . Posted in Printed canvas tote bags, Wedding tote bags, Wholesale bags and totes

Wholesale bags and totes are a great way to brand your business and to do it affordably! Whether you want to share a bit of customer appreciation or you want something for the gift shop, heavy duty tote bags at wholesale prices is the way to do it!

High quality wholesale bags and totes that are offered at the perfect price point can be customized for your business. Printed canvas tote bags are a great option for a wide range of businesses.

Why Wholesale Bags and Totes are a Great Option

Reusable bags and totes are wildly popular right now. Consumers use them for a wide range of needs which means your logo goes where they go. Gift totes are a great way to show customer appreciation while giving them a gift that will be genuinely well received and used.

The main goal of any promotional item is to get the word about your business out there. Heavy duty canvas bags that are