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Why Custom Designed T Shirts Are Still A Contender in the Digital Age of Marketing

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Digital print tee shirts services have seen a sudden boom in business as more and more companies are incorporating custom print tees into their overall marketing strategies. Why is this?

For starters, it’s easy to get lost in the world of digital and online marketing. Consumers are constantly bombarded by paid advertisements, pop up ads, social media posts, and other forms of digital content. To an extent, we’ve even become desensitized to it. This is where custom printing on t shirts and custom print services come into play.

Digital print tee shirts services provide their customers with a unique opportunity to market their business, pr

Three Tips for Building the Perfect Custom Print Tees for Runners

Written by admin on . Posted in Custom print services, Screen print custom t shirts designers, T shirt printing services

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Running has become one of the most popular sports in the United States. According to statistics from Running USA, 16 million Americans run in more than 26,000 running events every year, ranging in distance from the ever popular 5K to ultra-marathons. Running, ostensibly, is in the American blood.

When planning a 5K, there is a lot to take into account. Are your proceeds going to profit or to charity? Will you be able to get municipal clearance to run the race through your desired area? How many people should you plan for? These are all extremely important to consider. However, ask any runner what one of the biggest things they care about is at a race and they will undoubtedly tell you the custom designed tee shirts.

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